Top 10: Most funny wine labels

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Marketing is everything. While some wineries are looking to have one contest medal after the other to show off on the retail shelf, other wineries are trying to distinguish themselves by creating, let’s say, an out of the ordinary label. Here is our top 10.

10. I am only here for the food and booze

If you don’t know which wine to give to your host, don’t search further. Just make clear what your intentions are for the evening! Works perfectly when you go to your father in law.


9. I’m with the WINO

Don’t bother to take a “big ass wine” with you, when you’re going to party with a wino friend of which you know he already picked his best bottle in the cellar.


8. The big ass wine

Oh look here! This is your chance to have the real Big Ass Wine of the party!


7. Le Vin de Merde

No it’s no joke and really means “The Shitty Wine”. This winemaker started to make this label from a ironic point of view. While everyone thinks that in the languedoc they only make shitty wines, now there you have it! Perfect for people whose friends think that they will bring to worst wine of the evening. Let them taste their own medicine!


6. The Boarding Pass

We should get this with every flight we take! PERIOD!


5. Your ex

well… we all know the feeling… get a grip! Serve this to any friend who just had a break-up!


4. Bitch

The perfect Valentine wine I would say! Or instead of drinking the wine above, you could take this as well.


3. The Return of the Living Red

Just got to love this one! Any friend who likes zombies or vampires stories? Please don’t give it to twilight fans!


2. Cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush!

A New Zealander with humor, Go figure! If you like sauvignon blanc with “buxus” smell, this is the wine you’re been looking for. Maybe something for Sara May Grunwald? (the biggest cat-wine-lover)


1. B-Frank

Maybe not the best label, but it’s serves really for any good opportunity! With the right message, you got the perfect bottle!


A special attention for this great bottle: LAZARUS!

no words needed, just perfect


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