10 things a winelover definitely needs to acquire!

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Ever thought you had it all? What could you offer  to a real winelover that has already everything. Here are a few things you can offer me at any time (tomorrow is fine).

10. Wine Shield

Are you getting tired of fruit-flies attacking your favorite wine? This is perfect for people who have annoying friends or relatives that are keeping them away from drinking wine. You can buy it here for only 10$



9. USB wine dispenser

With this you can buy any wine from the net, download it to your computer and serve it in your own glass, without leaving your house. You can buy it for 9,95€ here. The only problem is that it will only be available from the year 2239!! Meanwhile…. just invite your friends, they’ll bring over a good bottle for you. You won’t believe that some people actually think it works



8. The Cork Jacket

Put this on every wine party you go! Your new name will be Sir Drinksalot! Don’t forget the bow tie and the hat, makes it complete.



7. The Cork Sofa

For people with a bigger drinking problem or too many friends OR if you simply don’t want to look ridiculous in that suit, you can also make yourself a cork sofa. Very fancy, soft and look! It takes the shape of your bottoms.



6. The Wine Hat

The world outside needs to know you like wine. Positive point is that the wine can get some air before arriving into your mouth. Perfect for the festivals period or just when you’re walking in the streets.


5. Barrel Fire Pit

Is there anything cozier that you can do with a wine barrel? I think not! Happy times in the garden.



4. The bike-bottle-holder

You want to stay fit while going to your wineparty? Or you just like to take a break once in a while when biking?



3. The Summer Party Table

The only decent solution to have all your favorite white and sparkling wines on the table. Perfectly centered so all your friends can enjoy them while staying chilled.



2. The Perfect Sized Glass

I can’t imagine a better glass than this one, above all you can buy it on Amazon! Not kidding! Your wine gets decanted in your glass, there is your heaven on earth.



1. What could be better than a Perfect Sized Glass?











TWO PERFECT SIZED GLASSES!!!!!!!!! Never drink alone! Real winelovers share! So go open your second bottle 😉





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